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Best Seafood Restaurants in Batam


There are many restaurants in Batam, Riau Island, which are offer seafood cuisine. But which one is the the most favorite seafood restaurant? Check, this out.

Restoran Jawa-Melayu
kelong jawa melayu batam cucum suminarThis is the most favorite seafood restaurant in Batam.  Beautiful ambience, delicious seafood and affordable price make this restaurant is favorite for everyone. No wonder, for 10 people we just have to pay around Rp1 million up to Rp1,5 million. Whereas, the menu is quiet complete, including crab, shrimp, fish, gong gong (the variant of shell), tapis up to coconut water.


How to get there? You have to drive to Piayu Laut, Tanjung Piayu, Batam. There’s no public transportation. I recommend you to rent a car or call a taxi.


Kelong Mak Uteh

It’s also one of favorite seafood restaurant in Batam. In this restaurant, the visitors can see the chef cooks their seafood. They also can see the fish, crab, shell in the captivity. It was amazed saw the fish and crab swim in the captivity. It makes us relax.

I love the beautiful ambience of this restaurant, but I do not really like the taste of the seafood. I think it is too sweet like Javanese food.


How to get there? Kelong Mak Uteh is near from Restoran Jawa-Melayu. Because there’s no public transportation, you have to drive to Piayu Laut, Tanjung Piayu.

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Restoran Sri Rejeki

This is the most favorite seafood restaurant for the local and international tourists. The seafood is very delicious, but the price is more expensive than Restoran Jawa-Melayu or Kelong Mak Uteh. But, if we compare with the taste and the ambience of the restaurant, it’s not a big deal to pay more.


How to get there? The restaurant is near from Hang Nadim International Airport. It’s located at Pantai Batu Besar Jl.Haji Muhammad Saleh RT 01/RW 02, Nongsa, Batam. From Batam Centre, Nagoya, or Jodoh you can reach the restaurant by the pinky public transportation – Jodoh-Nongsa. For simplified I recommend you to call a taxi.


Barelang Seafood Restaurant

No one doubt the delight of Barelang Seafood cuisine. Moreover the ambience of this restaurant is really amazing. This restaurant is located at Barelang Bridge Phase 1. From the restaurant you can see the  sea and the most famous icon of Batam.

This restaurant offer the VIP and non VIP rooms. If you want to enjoy the time privately at the restaurant, you can choose the private room. But if you want to feel the sea breeze, I recommend to choose the non private room.



How to get there? You have to rent a car or call a taxi, because there’s no public transportation.


Golden Prawn

It is located at Golden City, Bengkong, which is one of the favorite tourism spot in Batam. The visitors are not only offered with the delight seafood, but also with the interesting place to visit.


In that location, there’s a park which completed by Indonesian Traditional Miniature House. There’s also a playground and go-kart race, so the visitor can play the go-kart with affordable price.


How to get there? You can use the yellow public transportation – Bengkong Mukakuning. For simplified I recommend you to call a taxi.


Sup Ikan Yong Kee

If you want to taste the delicious seafood in the city, you can try Sup Ikan Yong Kee. No one doubt about the taste of Yong Kee fish soup. I think the Yong Kee’s fish soup is the most delicious taste in Batam, ummm… perhaps in Indonesia.


How to get there? Sup Ikan Yong Kee is located at Komplek Nagoya City Center Blok E 8-9 Batam and Komplek Hup Seng Blok A No.5-8, Batam Centre, Batam. You can reach the restaurant by public transportation or off course, call a taxi =D. Bon Appetite! (*)

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